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What could be more beautiful than sit in a boat and sail to the end of the horizon ?!

Guided by this thought, to share such experience with you, our dear friends, we will try to introduce you  Gintonic.
Semi-displacement boats, elegant lines, broad and spacious stern, the boat with which you can quickly reach each bay and also quickly to any harbor or beach (Yamaha engine with 115 hp, secondary road speed of 16-18 nM, where you have the optimal combination of speed and fuel consumption), where you can catch every ray of sun (deck ideal for sunbathing and, bimini top for escape from the fervent sun), you can make lunch or coffee for a break from swimming (galley with gas stove and sink, running water), and in peace dine (for stern table and chairs for max. 8 person). Safely anchored (Bow anchor with controls at the helm and further anchor "cat"), we have in the interior of the boat superb atmosphere for prolonged sleep in the morning or afternoon siesta (Bed for three persons + small bed for a child), you want to watch the news, to show children a cartoon (TV / USB) or amplified music (Radio) However, their, if you're a fan of fishing with this boat you can get involved in the search for fish (Sonar / Fishfinder), and always, certainly have the coordinates of all positions where you hunt or route for the fastest and safest homecoming (navigation device "Lowrance" with Navionics maps) . The boat is insured, possesses safety vests, stairs to easier get out of the sea, shower, and of our staff will get in departure additional instructions with the purpose of more comfortable and safer navigation, and finally, Of course, your satisfaction with our service

Boat info

Brand: Nautika 650 k
Type: Semi displacement
Name: Gintonic
Drive: Yamaha 115 HP 2014 g.
Length 7m
Width 2.5 m
Fuel tank 90 l
Water tank 100 l with shower
Speed (recommended 16-18 Nm)
Chemical toilet
Beds for three adults and two children,

Plotter (navigation) / fishfinder / sounder, kitchen stove, sink, TV / Radio, portable fridge, bow anchor (anchor), stairs to exit the sea, movable dining table,

With its elegant design, wide and spacious stern, this boat is primarily intended for people who live with the sea. Its cabin contains a commodious berth 2.2 meters long and 2.3 metres wide for three adult passengers. The cabin protects the passengers from the rough sea and bad weather, leaving space for a spacious cockpit for work and enjoyment at sea. The stern is flat and low, which enables free passage towards the bow, which has an integrated anchor storage compartment.

• Total length: 6.50 m
• Total width: 2.49 m
• Maximum load draft: 0.54 m
• Weight of empty equipped boat without engine: 1350 kg
• Fuel tank: 95-145 l
• Fresh water tank: 100 l
• Outboard engine: 40-150 HP
• Inbord engine: 40-100 HP
• Maximum speed: 27 Kn
• Travelling speed: 18 Kn
• Number of passengers: 8
• Number of berths: 3+1

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Mob: 00385(0)98332585

Rent is generally organizes a daily and it should have a valid sailing permit, and experience at the sea.

The price is 180 euros/day + fuel (7-8-month)

Off season (5,6,9 and 10 month) 150 euros/day + fuel

It is possible to rent for more days (if you take 6 days - 7 gratis) price 210 euros/day + fuel